Ultrarest Integrate MX2 Mathews


The Mathews UltraRest Integrate MX2 Arrow Rest is compact, micro adjustable and designed specifically for Mathews bows with an all new silent capture bar and a more robust machined launcher built to withstand the most extreme conditions and a dovetail mounting system for quick and easy setup while providing a secure hold.

It mounts to the spine of the riser via the dovetail system and a single clamp prevents the rest from moving, to easily make all of your vertical and horizontal adjustments.

The horizontal adjustment screw and turn dial are located on the launcher arm.

Mathews teamed up with QAD (Quality Archery Design), the manufacturers of the Integrate to introduce this all new UltraRest Integrate MX2 Arrow Rest.

The streamlined housing provides a seamless connection to the bow while providing precision tuning with .0019 thousandths of an inch adjustment per click to ensure a perfect tune, both horizontally and vertically for a new level of precision in your hunting setup.

The Integrate MX2 is a breeze to set up with the tuning marks to ensure perfect timing.

Other features include full arrow containment and if the rest is let down, will hold the arrow in the ready position, anti vibration and vertical drop away technology.

The launcher arm has been redesigned and is no longer plastic, but machined from 100 per cent aircraft grade aluminium, designed to last. The launcher arm will drop only if the bow is shot.


  • Compact, micro adjustable, designed exclusively for Mathews bows with the dovetail mounting system
  • Streamlined housing allows for precision tuning with micro adjust windage and elevation
  • Ultralight while being super durable and consistent for optimal accuracy
  • Tuning marks to ensure perfect timing
  • Quick and easy setup, providing a secure, solid mount
  • Full arrow containment, let down and arrow will hold in the ready position
  • Total fletching clearance
  • Vertical drop away technology VDT
  • Micro Xtreme click adjust for precision tuning
  • Integrate system technologies using dovetail mounting system
  • Thumb wheel with timing cord lock and lever
  • Launcher arm machined from aircraft grade aluminium
  • Quiet, functional, performs flawlessly and promotes shot-to-shot consistency
  • Comes in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Colour Black finish
  • Installation instructions included
  • Compatible with Mathews bows with machined dovetail mounting system
  • Made in USA