Hoyt - Pro Series Stabilizer


The Pro Series Stabiliser by Hoyt makes the perfect addition to your bowhunting rig. Designed to slow pin movement and provide great feel, the Pro Series Stabiliser is tailor made for your hunt.

Everything you need for your bow. Hoyt offers a complete line of high end bow accessories featuring the same innovative engineering and superior manufacturing as their critically acclaimed bows. For a complete line of Genuine Hoyt Accessories of sights, quivers, arrow rests and stabilisers.

Not only do Hoyt Pro Series stabilisers increase accuracy by helping you hold steady, but they are designed to make your bow quieter and smoother. There are 15 Shock Rods on the 8in model and 11 Shock Rods on the 5.5in model of multiple sizes to target different noise frequencies and are strategically placed at both the core and the end of the stabiliser to kill vibration where it starts and where it resonates, making the Pro Series stabiliser the perfect add-on for today's deadly quiet Hoyt bows.

  • Proven Shock Rod Technology
  • Increased accuracy while maintaining stealth
  • Unique machined aluminium cylinders
  • Noise and vibration crushing
  • Designed for ultimate strength and lightweight design
  • Excellent effect, sleek shape and functionality
  • Sleek advanced design for steadier aiming
  • 15 or 11 individual Shock Rods to crush noise and vibration. Optional Shock Rods are available in nine exciting colours of Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow which are sold separately