Carbon Express String Loop Nocking Pliers


These heavy duty universal Nocking Pliers from Carbon Express feature large vinyl or plastic-coated "man-size" easy grip handles.

Nock pliers were specifically designed to install by crimping, the familiar brass nok sets, without damaging bow string or serving.

Many novices make the common mistake of using household pliers to clamp the nok set onto the string and actually cut some strands of the bowstring or serving in the process and damage the string, most times rendering the string useless.

Nock Pliers actually close or crimp the nok set around the string, without damaging the string.

A tapered wedge located on the nose of the pliers enables string noks to be adjusted or removed without damage to the nok or string.

Carbon Express String-Loop Nocking Pliers suits any size nok set.

  • Pre stretches D-Loop
  • Permanently tightens D-Loop to string
  • Two hole sizes for nok set installation
  • Heavy duty comfortable extra large, chunky grips
  • Opens nok set without damage
  • Tapered wedge on nose of pliers to adjust or remove nok sets without damage
  • 17.1mm or 6.75" long
  • Durable and sturdy tool
  • Extensive tips and instructions on use included
  • Forget about those tiny ones, these are the best