Black Widow - Calf Hair Tab


Black Widow tabs are often called by their original name, Wilson tabs, named after the Wilson Brothers who designed these famous finger tabs. Black Widow is the name that says it all when it comes to traditional archery excellence.

Black Widow's super slick calf hair makes your release super smooth and with the rubber liner with a felt backing on the tab, you have the finger protection to shoot for hours.

Total finger protection with the "finger fenders". Long time favourite of field shooters.

Hair or calf face is leather with the hair still on it; calfskin leather is a high quality, fine grained leather made from the skins of young cattle and maintains the calf hide's soft furry texture and is one of the best surfaces for low string friction to provide a smooth yet quick release.

The "finger fenders" serve to prevent sore spots and calluses on your fingers after an extended shooting session. Tab has a soft velcro finger loop that makes for easy adjustments.

  • Calf hair face
  • Clean, fast release
  • Split finger facing will not buckle and interfere with the arrow plus eliminates "break-in" period
  • Red palm facing is impervious to moisture for long life
  • Velcro fastened finger strap for quick and easy adjustment
  • "Finger Fenders" prevent blisters, sore spots and calluses and reduces friction, creating a smoother release

Available in Small, Medium, Large and X Large. Please specify size.
Available in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify hand.
Black Widow Calf Hair Finger Tab for a clean, fast release.