Easy Vane - 4FK75 Nexxus Infinity Shafts


This vane offers great steering and is the largest vane we currently offer.

Twice the surface area of 3 x 2" blazers.

These vanes are 4 Fletch, 75mm (2.95") Long. Each vane is 12.00mm (0.472") high.  As a reference the total weight is for example 38gr on a standard diameter shaft and around 34gr on a micro . Comes standard as a 3 degree right helical. If left helical is required or a different degree of helical is required please list this in the order notes.

Total vane surface area 2360mm². For a reference 3 blazers are 1181mm²

Sold in Packs of 12.

**Only for Nexxus Infinity 4.2mm Shafts**