On Track Meals - Ready to Eat Meals

These traditional homemade-style, ready to eat meals are perfect for your next hiking or backpacking adventure, boating excursions, camping or road trip.  

Various high quality, tasty meals to choose from such as beef bolognese, chicken curry or a soft and tender slow cooked Australian steak. Vegetarian and vegan options include bean bolognese, spicy Mexican beans and chickpea curry. Brekky is sorted with On Track Meals Big Breakfast with filling chunks of chorizo, smoked bacon and champignons. 

On Track Meals have a great range of ready-to-eat meals (MRE) made with real ingredients and are not dehydrated.  Any of these meals are perfect over pasta, rice or potatoes. On Track Meals are packaged using the special technology of 'retorting' which vacuum seals the packs ensuring each meal stays fresh with a shelf life of 2 years (from production date) without refrigeration until they're opened.  Keep refrigerated once opened. 

Great tasting nutritional meals with real flavour so you can quell your hunger on your outdoor adventures. Halal and Vegan options available. You can also heat these packs using one of our Military Grade MRE Flameless Heater Bags.