Delta McKenzie Kill Zone


Ideal for hunting trips, backyards and at the archery range, the compact midsection target features the all-important vitals, so you can practice the shot that counts.

A large bull's-eye on both ends of the target provide extra shooting areas.

Durable, lightweight design provides hours of practice. Carry handle provides easy setup, manoeuvrability and portability.

Practice the shot that counts with a Delta McKenzie Killzone, formerly known as Delta Kill Zone Target, a midsection with scoring lines.

This compact target is perfect for honing your kill-zone placement or for taking on hunting trips or even backyard practice featuring the midsection of the deer with clearly delineated vitals and rope handle for extreme portability.

This field tested target is lightweight and durable for countless hours of practice and it's portable - perfect for the backyard or the campsite.

Measures 16" high x 15" wide or 40.6cm x 38cm

Weighs 2.94kgs or 6.5lbs

Made of Tech Flex E-Z pull high density foam, for easy arrow removal, easy-to-see scoring lines.

Delta Killzone Target

  • Midsection of the deer with clearly delineated vitals
  • 3D shape for realistic practice
  • Large bull's-eye at both ends
  • Perfect for honing your kill-zone placement
  • Just the ticket for the backyard or at the camp site
  • Rope handle for portability
  • Compact design, durable, lightweight target
  • Easy setup, manoeuvrable and portable
  • Practice the shot that counts
  • Economical alternative to full body 3D targets